Over the weekend a certain Orie Rogo Manduli went all out in arms against men.

“Flatten his nose with door if possible. That’s like calling a woman a prostitute. Such men should just go to brothels with their condoms and they would still use money,” said the furious Manduli as the Standard digital quoted her saying.

Well, it’s against those men who go to visit a lady arming themselves with condoms only.

It did set some platforms alight, with multitudes of women joining in crucifying men. Several men have also been drawn into the battle and have, might I say, traitorously proceeded to tarnish other men’s garbs in a desperate measure to save their own.
Now these are the kinda scenarios I can’t take lying down. First of all, as a lady, any man you think lacks a packet of condoms whenever he comes to visit you is a big lie that you just might be telling yourself. Truth is, you couldn’t have enrolled in a more pointless school of thought. It’s just that he’s a better wolf, careful and meticulous in his means. He knows how to conceal them.

Every man can turn any situation into one which he fore-sees himself getting laid. Any situation you can think of, as long as he is in the company of a lady he fancies and we like to be prepared. But I digress,…My main fight is with all these beings tarnishing the men. Saying that indeed ladies should kick such men to the curb.
My line of thought, one that I have seen a-few partake in the awakening of this storm is simply….
“Why-what?” you ask.
Well, why should a man come bearing gifts when he’s coming to see you? What makes you think as a lady you are bound to be forever showered with niceties? I’m sure that some of these ladies can’t even cook a simple meal. Some might even be culprits of adding soup into omelets. Tsk Jiangalie.. Spare us your *********

Some might say that because you offer him graceful sex he should show appreciation. That because you cook for him he should show he’s thankful. How can you simply expect him to show you such gratitude whilst when you don’t accord the same man any kind of gratitude when he takes you out for dates, or when he covers the bills to your ladies nights out drinking/partying sprees.

Whatever happened to equality.  A certain gent asked, “And what should the lady bring when she pops in his crib?” And as for the ladies who commented, not one said that they would bring gifts. That place where such ladies expect their dudes get them gifts that they themselves can’t access is a wonderland I can’t seem to comprehend.

You see, what Orie missed to mention, educate, counsel (take your pick) the ladies is that, what they should do is to make themselves worthy of being showered with gifts. One way would be being ready to reciprocate the gesture when they go to their mans’ houses.

If your man is guilty of the aforementioned crimes. If he only gets to traffic condoms only to your premise and you would want him to at-least try next time to come carrying a gift, have faith. Try to get him a gift. It doesn’t matter of what kind. Then sit back and pray.

For most men, we don’t look at the gift but at the heart, the intent that you had. And surely enough, the next time he comes to your place or when you meet up at some place, he will have a gift for you in return. Apart from condoms.

In every market there never lacks a mad man though and in this case it’s no different. There must exist a few who will not get the hint and will still come empty-handed. For those, they can’t be helped, am sorry.  But its only then and only then-after you have tried to guide him, and that you know you are worthy to be appreciated in such ways-that you can then align him among the rest, before the firing squad to be smoked.er

Heck! I’ll even help in shooting them down.