I have been especially hit hard by this weather. The constant drizzling and unending cold is really eating me to my core. It couldn’t have hit me at a worse time other than in coincidence as the time I am enduring a Sahara-ic dryspell. You know the one that kinda makes you question whether your gonads will become vestigial for lack of utilization. The kind of dry spell that’s got even the neighbours worried to an extent that am contemplating buying a pair of lady shoes and placing them outside my rooms door and then stay indoors and watch a movie with loud volume. Couple that with some borrowed cologne to further changanya them even more so that their suspicions may dwindle on whether I might actually be crooked.


The dryspell has been real, I have been left feeding on imaginations only. My eyes have been working overtime trying to feast for my other organs that have forgotten the good times…hic. My imagination, lacking something to fuel has surprisingly gone down, my tongue has become heavier, no longer can I charm as I used to…gone are the days that I used to have the urge to start meaningless conversations with the daughters of Eve, I prefer to rather maintain the platonic relations I have with my lady friends….it is so that with each passing day, I am getting acquainted to the scary idea that I might actually be growing up*gasp*

Now you can understand why the shoe plot is appealing. I have enough struggles as it is without the growing pair of deluded eyes every time I seem to be the only one left without company during the chilly nights.

Pitiful as it may seem, I have made peace with clutching my pillow during the teeth crushing gelidities, cuddling with my blankets when the rain pours armed with several movies and series and bags of popcorns. I am sure if it were winter, I would make it with no fuss…

I’m however not blind to the realization that something will have to change, that I will have to get off my lazy ass and mingle. Not because of the rain, of-course not, but for the human need of bonding…

But till then, leave me to crunch my blankets a little bit tighter every time the temperatures drop, increase the volume a little bit higher when the neighbours pleasure moans sip through the thin walls and interfere with me watching my movies, drink a little bit of water everytime my lips dry up and cuddle my pillow everytime my fingers become fidgety.

That’s until I get back into the ocean when my tongue gets lighter and try my luck..cause at the moment, I’m like