ghtShe staggered in the forest with her dress drained in blood as she was bleeding from her groins. She wondered which path to take. The path leading slightly to the left, abundant with fallen twigs and dry leaves seemed far much appealing than the one to the sharp one on the right. Not lacking its fair share of thorns and twigs. She quickly decided upon one and trod along.

Darkness was creeping in and by her estimation, around seven pm. She knew she’d have to take refuge from all the fury of Mother Nature that the gloomy clouds above promised to unleash. Her visibility was minimalized by the thick growth in the forest. Coupled by the fact that she didn’t know exactly where she was made her hear quiver in fear and her intestines tighten as to how she would get to through the night.


He knew this forest like the back of his hands. He could remember vividly as if it was yesterday just how his dad used to bring him in this parts of the wood for hunting.

David, keep up…” His colleague called. They had a prey to catch. There was no time for reminiscing or fancy thoughts. There was too much at stake. They couldn’t risk her running into someone…literally or otherwise and tell on them.

He increased his pace as he caught up with his work fellow.


It all started that morning. Chris and her husband, George had planned to go visit her aunt, Alice. It had been ages since she had seen her and news reaching her was that she was ailing and by the looks of things, she didn’t have long to live. And she wouldn’t want to leave things as they were, not after she, her aunt, had publicly criticized her union to George and forbidden her to get married to her.

Her aunt had moved to another house, in solitude as she stayed alone, far from other people.

And since she didn’t know the way well, they had followed other people’s word of mouth and taken advice to follow a new road that was meant to be a short cut. This would have saved them time as they wanted to arrive with a few hours of daylight to spare.

Its then that they had ran into three guys, who had parked their pickup in the middle of the road, feinting a flat tire.

George alighted and just as he went to seek how he would be able to help, one of the guys had attacked him with a crude weapon. It had looked like a wheel spanner that took him down but not down. He had rushed back to their car, opening her passenger’s door in an attempt to get a machete, carefully tucked by the side of her chair.

George was tough, and he had succeeded in taking one of the crooks down with him as they ultimately overpowered him and beat him to a pulp, ultimately to his demise.

As she had tried running away, they caught up with her and as one of the bandits had tried to tear away her panties, his crude finger nails dug in her loins, making her shriek in pain. Her cries caught him in surprise and she got a chance to kick him in the face and run into the forest for her dear life.


imagesShe got a glimpse of a shanty at a distance. She thanked her ancestors and proceeded towards it. It was ratchet but she figured it would do. She had to look for something to keep warm. The rain had started to pour and it had drenched her.

It was in her pursuit that she discovered that there was a shower. It was not too bad, but in truth she would care less, she was just happy she had escaped with her life.

As she dropped her clothes and stepped into the shower, she felt that though her decision had caused her agony, it was well worth it.

She had decided to take the path with thorns. Her assailants wouldn’t think that she would go with it. And for now, she felt clever, at peace even…


The rain was pouring too hard and with each minute they knew their efforts of tracking her down were becoming futile as the rain was covering her tracks.

“Yoh, David….look for a place that we can take shelter, this rain is just becoming too much…

His colleague called out to him…

He recalled his hunting escapades and that they had built a hovel that was not far off from where they were.

”Follow me, I know just the place”


In the shower lost in thought, Chris was thinking of her next plan. How exactly she would find a road of a habituated house and seek out help.


He could have sworn that he saw movements in the house. At first, he brushed the thought away. No one in their right mind would think of robbing them. It was well known that David’s family towered over this part of town.

Then again, there it was…in the direction where the shower was situated..a shadowy movement…

“Hold up..” David called to his pal….

“There’s someone in there…scout the area as I head in….” He told him as he ventured forward.

Drawing his hunting knife from its sheath from his hip, he crept towards the house.

She didn’t hear the door creaking open….neither his footsteps, albeit faint from him. As he crept towards the shower.


Peeping through a crack at the wall, he saw her. For a moment he appreciated her beauty. Her natural curves, her full breasts…another place, another time..if only they had met under different circumstances…

“It’s just meat, if you don’t kill it, you starve….every prey is food….” he could hear his dads voice in his head as he recalled his first kill. He had felt sympathy, sorry even for the helpless deer that had entangled itself in one of their many laid out traps. His dad had made it clear to him that hunters had to do what they had to.

With that..he promised to make it swift…

He gently pushed the door ajar.. and leapt inside..brandishing the knife aiming for the jugular…just like he had done with many preys before.

Outside, it teemed..coupled with heavy thunder and lightening.

Startled, she spun around, but it was just in time to see the knife, glistering in the lightning, followed by a warm fluid that defied the cold water…as her blood sputtered…then DARKNESS.