Dryspell during the el nino


I have been especially hit hard by this weather. The constant drizzling and unending cold is really eating me to my core. It couldn’t have hit me at a worse time other than in coincidence as the time I am enduring a Sahara-ic dryspell. You know the one that kinda makes you question whether your gonads will become vestigial for lack of utilization. The kind of dry spell that’s got even the neighbours worried to an extent that am contemplating buying a pair of lady shoes and placing them outside my rooms door and then stay indoors and watch a movie with loud volume. Couple that with some borrowed cologne to further changanya them even more so that their suspicions may dwindle on whether I might actually be crooked.


The dryspell has been real, I have been left feeding on imaginations only. My eyes have been working overtime trying to feast for my other organs that have forgotten the good times…hic. My imagination, lacking something to fuel has surprisingly gone down, my tongue has become heavier, no longer can I charm as I used to…gone are the days that I used to have the urge to start meaningless conversations with the daughters of Eve, I prefer to rather maintain the platonic relations I have with my lady friends….it is so that with each passing day, I am getting acquainted to the scary idea that I might actually be growing up*gasp*

Now you can understand why the shoe plot is appealing. I have enough struggles as it is without the growing pair of deluded eyes every time I seem to be the only one left without company during the chilly nights.

Pitiful as it may seem, I have made peace with clutching my pillow during the teeth crushing gelidities, cuddling with my blankets when the rain pours armed with several movies and series and bags of popcorns. I am sure if it were winter, I would make it with no fuss…

I’m however not blind to the realization that something will have to change, that I will have to get off my lazy ass and mingle. Not because of the rain, of-course not, but for the human need of bonding…

But till then, leave me to crunch my blankets a little bit tighter every time the temperatures drop, increase the volume a little bit higher when the neighbours pleasure moans sip through the thin walls and interfere with me watching my movies, drink a little bit of water everytime my lips dry up and cuddle my pillow everytime my fingers become fidgety.

That’s until I get back into the ocean when my tongue gets lighter and try my luck..cause at the moment, I’m like



Wishing her Godspeed to the next life


Anga niwoka na mubira” she asked seemingly elated that I had gone to visit her.

I looked behind me to see that ball she thought I had come with as I had no balls with me at the time-well except of course for my steel pair.

Seeing me looking around searching for something she must have known there was something I was missing.

Muithikiri..” she said…pointing to my little BMX bike that I had inherited from my brother.IMG_20150522_080150

Apparently, a ‘bicycle’ translated into native kikuyu is mubira. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Learning that from her made it all the more sweeter.


That holds as one of my first memories of meeting her. For a long time I only knew her as cucu. She was my grandma albeit from another bloodline. She had a sister too, who was also old. She-her fascinated me as she used to eat soil and I would always got to see her to savor the stories that she would narrate to me. Sadly she passed a while ago…but their integration into our family had been cemented.

Cucu used to help me in looking for animal feeds as a show of gratitude for helping her out with whatever she wanted like searching for firewood. She would tell me off every time I tried to tell her that all she needed to do was to tell me where I would get the majani and I would do the rest but she always insisted in bringing them home.


Well, sometime back this year, she fell sick…..and that proved to be fatal. She gave her all, I know she did as she always insisted in giving her all in everything she did, you should have seen her dancing in church. She would later succumb to it after she suffered a stroke, which proved to be a heavy blow for her wilting body to handle.

She passed on on 2nd of this month.

As I helped in throwing sand in her burial, I felt the loss of not only a friend but also a family member.

She had taught me not only another word for bicycle in kikuyu but also being self-reliant even in old age. Giving all I have in whatever it is I’m doing.

Am surely she is in a better place, free of the pains of sickness et al…

May the good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace…. She will surely be missed.



Live to Live


Life, its just that bone that lots of people have tried picking but none really knows what it holds, maybe so given that no one makes it out alive…but really…life is a conundrum to understand…some say it’s a game, others its a book with everyone having a chapter of his/her own…for some, we don’t really know for sure… But thing is, everyone has his/her own understanding and interpretations of life. Below is an article I came across about a year or so ago, and it really gets me up when I’m down, or when faced with a challenge..like when I see a gorgeous lady and my confidence falters-that moment when your legs wobble and your knees fail under your weight, your throat dries up…your skin inaparara.…yea those moments..

Read it through, it might just be the push you need to accomplish that objective of yours. In the meantime, I will be working on another article about life…till then..enjoy..

“It’s all too easy to lose sight of what’s really important on life. Especially when you are young and rushing to get ahead in life. Only to realize, far too late, that there were lots of things you wish you’d done differently.

So how can you tell what’s really matters? One way’s to ask the oldest person in your family. Because they’ve-usually-figured it all out. Chances are that they will tell you they wish they’d been brave enough to follow their dreams. That you should never settle for anything less. That it’s not the mistakes you make that you’ll regret, but the things you didn’t try for. So while there still time, go for your dreams. Don’t keep putting things off until it’s too late. They will tell you that you’re working too hard-unless you are not, in which case, pull up your effort. But really, what they mean is that you’re not spending enough time with your family. Especially with your spouse and your children. They’ll tell you that your income and possessions will mean nothing in the end. What really matters are the people who are dear to you.


So simplify your life so that you have more time for your relationships. They’ll tell you to have children-including adopting, if for any reason you can’t have any yourself. Because if you never have children, you’ll have huge regrets about having no one to love in your old age…Or to leave everything to after you’re gone. They’ll tell you to be braver in love. To ask that interesting stranger out rather that spending the rest of your life wondering what might have been. To say ‘I love you’ more often. To be closer to your spouse and your children. They will tell you to speak your mind more often. Not confronting someone who’s offended you might keep the peace, but repressed anger breeds bitterness. While constructive conflict can deepen respect and understanding. Misunderstandings that are not dealt with immediately can destroy relationships and create a lifetime of hostility.

So face up to conflicts-and then forgive, before it’s too late. It sounds boring, but they’ll tell you to plan your spending now so that you can save enough money for your old age. SO that you can have more options, independence and security when the time comes. They’ll tell you to be truly honest about who you really are, with all your bad and good points, and have the courage to be truthful to others. And last but not least, they’ll tell you that you can choose to be happy. That your life is what you decide to make it”
Start making changes, explore other options, so that you are not full of regrets in your old age.